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注文方法について/How to order

If you need overseas delivery, please make payment via Paypal. We regret that we cannot accept other payment. Please contact us after obtaining Paypal account.

1. ご注文はメールにて受け付けております。海外へのお届けをご希望される方は、 こちらより「International Shipping」にチェックを入れてお問い合わせください。

2. ご希望商品の詳細とお届け先を確認後、在庫が確保できましたら改めてご注文内容と

3. Paypalより請求に関するメールが配信されますので、お支払いはそちらのメールよりお手続きください。

1. Orders will be received via e-mail. If you need overseas delivery, Please contact us from here.

2. We will inform you when we have certain amount of stocks of your order. Also we send you information about your order details and shipping charges.

3. You will receive an e-mail about your request from Paypal. Please make your payment via the mail. We will deliver when we confirm your payment on Paypal.

発送・送料について/About delivery and shipping charges

We will arrange for the delivery via EMS. Please make sure that we cannot accept shipping charges because they will be determined based on the delivery areas and weight of merchandise. Customs duty can be added to some merchandise. We also cannot accept them.


We cannot be specified the delivery date and time.
Please check the list of available countries and areas via URL below:


Insurance will be added based on the price of items. Please check the details via URL below:
(Free of charges up to twenty thousand yen. If more than that fifty yen per two thousand yen)

返品交換について/About returns and exchanges

We cannot accept returns and exchanges for personal reasons.

その他注意事項/ Others

Payments will be accepted via Paypal only, so we cannot receive orders unless you have Paypal account. Please contact us after obtaining Paypal account.

We will send your order to the address registered on your Paypal account. We regret that we cannot avoid canceling your order when the delivery address differs from the registered one. Besides, we cannot accept transference service. Please register the delivery address on Paypal when you order.


We regret that some items cannot be delivered. Please check the target items via URL below:


Now shipping to overseas

Has started international shipping services.
It is possible to ship to the outside of Japan.

More information about shipping internationally is available on our website.